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How much are lip fillers?

Even for the lips, there are fashions, and now the trend is to have defined lips, more voluminous and recently also with a tattooed contour or filled with “lipstick effect,” and more and more people are resorting to lip fillers.

Surely you have noticed that many “showgirls” and show business characters show off well-defined and plump lips on television, perhaps sometimes too much! 🙂

Indeed nowadays also for the lips, many treatments give the possibility to correct defects, imperfections, you can provide volume, define the contours and much more!

Let’s find out immediately in this article what the filler is, how it works, and the lip filler cost.

Are you ready? Make yourself comfortable! 🙂

Lip filler what it is: How much are lip fillers

Let’s get to the point: if you are wondering what lip filler is, you should know that it is a minimally invasive technique that consists of the localized injection of substances such as Hyaluronic Acid at the soft tissue level.

The purpose of getting hyaluronic acid shots is to improve the lip.

Hyaluronic acid is used a lot in aesthetic medicine. It is the safest component to use, able to rejuvenate and give a better appearance to the point where it is injected.

In this case, hyaluronic acid gives vigor to the lip and restores puffy and full, toned lips, also eliminating wrinkles.

Lip filler how its work: How much are lip fillers

Now let’s see how the lip filler works, and that is how it is performed and what will be done on the day of the appointment with the chosen aesthetic doctor.

First of all, it is essential to find the most suitable, capable expert in the sector to rely on.

If you do not know anyone, it is always good to inquire as much as possible to evaluate the best specialist.

Once the specialist has decides, a meeting will arrange at the office.

The treatment will not perform immediately, but the first meeting is cognitive. It will be necessary for the doctor to ask the client questions to investigate the case and evaluate the best solution before proceeding.

It is possible to treat different mouth areas: you can decide to fill only the upper lip, the lower one, or only the central part.

Lip filler how to do it

Here’s how the filler is done once you show up at the clinic:

  • Half an hour before the treatment. An anesthetic cream spread to make the patient feel less pain given the sensitivity of the area;
  • The lip filler subsequently injects where it needs to fill and give vigor and tone until the expected result reached (starting from 2 to 5 punctures);
  • After each injection. The doctor massages the area to distribute the product all over the lips before continuing with the following injections;
  • At the end of the treatment. The soothing cream apply to the lips to avoid bruising in the following hours.

The degree of intensity of the hyaluronic acid to injects varies according to the desired result.

To give volume, a high density usually uses.

A medium-density use to fill in wrinkles and define the lip contour. 

The low density, therefore the use of a minimum amount of hyaluronic acid, uses to improve the lips’ appearance and make them softer and more nourished.

Lasting lip filler 

To give you an idea, we understand how long it takes to stay in the clinic to perform the filler on the lips, how long the punctures are performed, and how long the treatment lasts once back home.

Let’s start from the first point: the stay in the clinic is generally about two hours.

The infiltrations in the lips, so the treatment itself lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.

Once the treatment finishes, the lips will a little swollen and sore. The filler has a variable duration. It can generally last up to 8 months. But the type of absorption link to the treatment performed must consider.

If the product rapidly absorbs. The effect will disappear within three months because the body naturally absorbs the hyaluronic acid.

If the substance has medium absorption, it can last up to 10-12 months. While if it slowly absorbs, it can wait up to a year before returning to the specialist.

Lip filler cost

Here is the point that people usually care about most: the cost of the lip filler!

The price is not always the same for every professional you rely on, and also varies according to the type of treatment, the imperfection to correct, the amount of filler injects …

But you can get an idea like this:

  • the price of the filler is around 500 euros;
  • it is sometimes possible to find ampoules for 250 euros;
  • the maximum cost of a vial is 800 euros.
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