how to use apple pay

How to use apple pay

Recently, various payment services using smartphones have become widespread. In addition to mobile payments using QR codes and barcodes, several contactless payment services allow you to make payments simply by holding your smartphone over. Many iPhone users are using Apple Pay.

This article will introduce the primary usage and setting method of Apple Pay and the operations required when changing models.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a payment service that can be used with iPhone and Apple Watch. You can think of it as the iPhone version of the Osaifu-Keitai function. If you register your credit card or Suica in advance, you can complete the payment by simply holding your iPhone or Apple Watch over the dedicated reader. Since the standard application “Wallet” is used, it can be used freely without downloading a separate application.

However, unlike Osaifu-Keitai, electronic money services such as “Rakuten Edy,” “nanaco,” and “WAON” other than “QUICPay” and “iD” cannot be used. The transportation IC card service is exceptionally compatible only with “Suica,” but other transportation IC card services such as “PASMO” and “PiTaPa” are not supported at this time (May 2020).

In other words, at present, three contactless payment methods can be used with Apple Pay: “QUICPay,” “iD,” and “Suica,” and JCB / Mastercard / American Express contactless payment (NFC payment). Visa’s touch payment is not compatible with Apple Pay.

How to set up Apple Pay

Credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and Suica can register with Apple Pay. The Wallet app can also manage some point cards such as Ponta cards and T points. Still, it cannot be written by directly reading the card, and it is necessary to register individually from the app or website of each service.

Apple Pay can also be used for online payments from iPads and Macs, but only iPhones or Apple Watches can be used for contactless payments in stores. In either case, please note that you need an iPhone to set it up.

To set up Apple Pay, you’ll need the following:

-Apple Pay compatible device (iPhone 7 or later. In addition, iPhone require for initial setting even when using with Apple Watch)

-Apple Pay compatible credit card

-Latest version of OS

/ Apple ID

Add a credit card to iPhone.

You can register your credit card for Apple Pay from the Wallet app.

  1. Open Wallet and tap [+] on the upper right
  2. After explaining Apple Pay, you will be prompted to select [Credit / Prepaid Card] or [Suica], so select [Credit Card / Prepaid Card].
    3. If you have registered your credit card with Apple Pay in the past, that card information will display here. And If you write a different card or an entirely new registration, a screen for taking a picture of your credit card will appear. If you put it in the frame to reflect the credit card number, the information automatically registers. Information such as numbers can also write manually without using a camera.
    4. On the following screen, enter the expiration date and security code. If the card you’re trying to register doesn’t work with Apple Pay, you’ll be notified here.

If it supports, the terms of use of Apple Pay will display, and if you agree, the card will add to Apple Pay. At that time, the types of contactless payments (QUICPay or iD) used with Apple Pay were also displayed.

How to set Suica

You can also register Suica with Apple Pay. You don’t have to take out your card each time you get on a train or bus. Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch over it, so there’s no hassle.

There are two ways to register Suica, one is to create a new Suica on Apple Pay, and the other is to transfer an existing card to Apple Pay. Here, we will focus on how to move a current card.

  1. First, open the Wallet app and tap [+] on the upper right. On the next screen, select [Suica] instead of [Credit / Prepaid Card].
  2. Next, the screen for entering the amount will display, and if you enter the amount here, you can issue a new Suica. To transfer the existing card Suica, tap [Add your transportation IC card] in the screen center.
    3. Follow the instructions on the screen and enter the last four digits of the Suica ID number printed on the back of the Suica card. In the case of registered Suica, you also need to enter your date of birth.
  3. Then read Suica on your iPhone. The iPhone’s Felica (NFC) is located at the top of the back, so you can put the Suica on the tip of the iPhone or put the iPhone on the Suica.
  4. When the transfer is complete, Suica will be available on Apple Pay.

How to use Apple Pay

Apple Pay can use at any store that supports QUICPay, iD, and Suica. It can operate in various situations, such as convenience stores, drug stores, and gas stations.

First, check which contactless payment your card supports

One thing to keep in mind with Apple Pay is that there is no payment method called Apple Pay. Therefore, it is necessary to say “Pay with QUICPay,” “Pay with iD,” or “Pay with Suica” at the time of payment.

As mentioned above, when you register your credit card, you will ask which payment method you can use with that credit card, so be sure to check. Please note that some credit cards can register for online payments but not for in-store prices.

However, as an exception among the exceptions, there is a “paying with Apple Pay” method when paying at Lawson. As a result, the points of the corresponding point service can accumulate in one operation.

You can register up to 12 credit cards for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and later, and up to 8 for earlier models, and you can set one of them as the primary card to use. If you set it as the main card, the operation at the time of payment will be a little easier, so let’s register the card you use often.

Open “Settings”, tap [Wallet and Apple Pay], and register from [Main Card] in [Payment Settings].

When paying with an iPhone equipped with Face ID

  1. Double-click the side button to launch the Wallet app and authenticate Face ID when paying with the main card. If authentication is not possible, authenticate with a passcode.
  2. Once authenticated, hold the top of the iPhone over a contactless reader (within a few centimeters). When the word [Done] appears, and you hear a payment sound, the payment is complete.

If you use a card other than the main card after the Wallet app launch, select the card you want to use for payment, and your Face ID will authenticate. Subsequent steps are the same as for the main card.

When paying with an iPhone with Touch ID

For iPhones with Touch ID such as iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone SE, if you pay with the main card, put your finger on the Touch ID (home button) and keep the top of the iPhone body with a non-contact reader (within a few centimeters) hold it over. When the word [Complete] appears, and a payment sound is heard, the payment is complete.

If you want to use something other than the main card, first launch the Wallet app, select the card you want to use for payment, and place your finger on Touch ID. The rest is the same as for the main card.

Precautions when using Apple Pay

・ Pay attention to the balance of prepaid cards

When setting and using a prepaid card such as an au PAY prepaid card (au WALLET prepaid card), it is necessary to check the balance before using it. If the balance is insufficient, an error will occur, and you will not be able to pay.

・ Check the card to use

As mentioned earlier, unless you specify a card, payment will made with the main card. For example, suppose the main card is QUICPay compatible, and the other card is iD compatible, even if you say “pay with iD” at the time of payment. In that case, the iD compatible card will not automatically selects. You need to choose a card before holding it over the reader.

Precautions when changing models

When migrating a registered credit card or Suica to a new model. You can transfer without much effort if you change the model from iPhone to iPhone. After all, with Apple Pays, you can register the same credit card on multiple models. In addition, the information recorded in Apple Pay is back up in iCloud, so if you log in with the same Apple IDs. You can quickly re-register a credit card registered on another iPhone.

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