How to make matcha latte?

How to make matcha latte

We have been enjoying the chocolate and coffee taste for years. Have you ever heard the name “Matcha”? I bet you might have heard it because it is a new thing in the town. In the following article, we get to know about How to make matcha latte? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys. Let us dig deep and find out:

For all those new to this name, Matcha is a powder that is green in colour because it has been made from green tea leaves. The leaves are dried and then grounded in powder form. We all are well aware of the benefits of green tea, so it is very definite that matcha powder also has all the benefits in it as well. The nutrients are more in it than in its original form. It has a strong aromatic flavour, and yes! It tastes like heaven!

Different recipes with matcha powder:

Matcha powder is very versatile, just like coffee. But matcha powder can be used to make savoury dishes as well. You can make matcha noodles of your choice or oatmeal as well. Other than this, people are using matcha powder in their tea, coffee, pancakes, smoothies, granola bowls and even bread can be made by using this miraculous powder.

See, you can make anything by using matcha powder without worrying about its taste and change. It will feel a little odd at first, but you will begin to like the earthy flavour of the powder.

How to make a latte?

Making a latte with matcha powder is not difficult at all. It is easier than making the real coffee itself. It tastes so good that I even can not explain it properly. Let us look at the steps for making this delicious latte by using matcha powder.

  • You will need the matcha powder present now in almost all the supermarkets.
  • Sift the powder properly 2 to 3 times because it clumps together when left unused.
  • Then add hot boiling water to the cup. Three teaspoons of water would be enough.
  • Mix the matcha powder and the water added properly to ensure that there is no content left to be mixed. You can use a matcha mixer to mix the powder, or a frother will also work.
  • Add heated coconut milk or almond milk to the mixture, and then whisk it properly.
  • Sip to check the sweetness level and adjust according to your taste.

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