How to make edible cookie dough?

How to make edible cookie dough

Have you ever thought of trying to eat raw cookie dough in your childhood? I bet you might have tried such things because every child is fond of experimenting with flavours. Edible cookie dough is loaded with chocolate chips for you to have a munch on them. The only difference between the regular one and this edible one is that the former is cooked in the oven along with eggs in it. Yes, you heard it right. Inedible cookie dough, there are no eggs at all.

You can make hundreds of combinations with cookie dough. So, you can eat it just the way it is. You can enjoy eating it as a layer in your ice cream or your cheesecake. Some people like to eat it by placing it in cupcake moulds and refrigerating it. In many areas of the world, edible cookie dough is also used for the frosting of cakes and cupcakes. So now you see, you have a lot of options!

How to make it?

You might be thinking that if there are no eggs in it, how will it become edible? Will you be eating the flour in dough form?

Well, to increase your knowledge, if eaten raw, all-purpose flour can cause intestinal infection in your body because of the presence of bacteria. Therefore the best way to make the regular dough edible is first to heat the flour for at least 10 minutes so that all of the bacteria die.

This flour heating does not need to be done in the oven. The microwave would suffice. You will have to heat it in such a microwave in which you can see the temperature as well. After the heating process, you can eat the dough made from this flour.

Bottom Line 

You will have to take the food processor and mix cream, brown sugar and chunky or granulated sugar with butter. You have to mix them until you start seeing the fluff. Then you will have to add vanilla essence and a pinch of salt to the mixture you made. Then gradually start to add flour until it combines properly.

You will see that the mixture hardens as the ingredients combine. To make it soft enough to mix well, you can add a few teaspoons of milk. When the dough is formed, you can throw a handful of chocolate chips in it and give it a mix with a spoon. Now enjoy!

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