How much do nurses make?

How much do nurses make

How much do nurses make (official job title: health and nurse )? And does the nurse’s earnings correspond to the vital task she performs? After all, she has to look after many sick people every day, and every single patient expects the best possible treatment and care to get well again quickly. Anyone who has had to spend a short or long period in a hospital can confirm this.

The workload of the nursing profession is high, and this with a high level of responsibility. Irregular working hours, long-standing times, high work pressure, and high work pace are the order of the day. This should also be offset by fair remuneration. Whether this is the case, and precisely what the nurse’s salary is, will answer in this informational article.

Nurse training salary

In training to become a nurse within the scope of the remuneration according to collective agreements in state and church institutions, you earn an average of € 1,165.00 in the first year of training. This amount increases by € 50.00 to € 100.00 per year of training.

In comparison, this training salary for employers outside the collective bargaining agreement is offset by wages of less than € 800.00 per month. This often corresponds to 20% to 30% fewer earnings.

Nurse salary: How much do nurses make

After the collectively agreed remuneration for starting a career, the nurse’s salary is around € 33,960 per year.

For example, we use the collective bargaining agreement under public law (TVöD), which state institutions often use. At the TVöD, a nurse is usually classified in pay group 7. To start your career, you rank at level 2. This corresponds to a starting salary of € 2,880 gross.

Also, in church institutions and the employment contract guidelines (AVR), nurses are classified in pay group 7 at level 1. This corresponds to a salary of 3,187 euros at the AVR der Diakonie. As is customary in a collective agreement, the wage increases by years of employment, advanced training, and further education.

Nurse Income by Facility Type

Unfortunately, there are significant differences in the nurse’s salary depending on the type of institution. These differences depend on whether collective agreements bind employers or whether employers pay non-collective wages. Private employers who are not bound by collective agreements usually pay significantly worse.

  • Carrier of the facility Salary of Salary up to
  • State institution € 2,800 € 3,600
  • Church establishment € 2,800 € 3,800
  • Private establishment 1,800 * € 2,200 * €

 As a rule, private institutions are not subject to collective bargaining agreements and therefore pay individually. The details describes in the following paragraphs, in which we also explain the different salary levels.

Salary of a nurse per state: How much do nurses make

However, the place of residence also plays a role in the salaries. The company Score Personal surveyed young professionals in 2015 to examine the east-west divide. Here are the survey results, based on the gross monthly wage of newcomers to the nursing profession.

This shows that in the new federal states, often lower salaries between 1,925 euros – 2,033 euros are paid, while in the old federal states, between 2,200 euros to 2,920 euros earn in Hesse as a nurse.

With one year of professional experience, you go to level 2. With three years, you go to level 3. After three years, you will already receive a salary of € 3,053 per month.

The jump to a higher pay group takes place through further qualification in further education and training. In salary group 8 with a few years of professional experience, earning around € 3,000.00 per month is possible as a nurse.

In salary group 9, in management positions, you also have the chance to have more than € 3,800.00 per month as a salary on the payslip.

Night shifts and other work add to the wages of the collective agreements, by the way. There are surcharges for night shift work or changes on Sundays and public holidays.

Underpaid outside the collective bargaining agreement

In the private sector, nurses earn less. Particularly outside the collective bargaining agreement, there are often comparatively meager salaries of € 2,000.00 to € 3,800.00 per month, as can see on salary comparison sites such as salary On this page, there is a database of over 2,000 salary reports from nurses. Often one receives more than 20% less wage in private institutions than in collective bargaining institutions.

This is also due to the increasing importance of temporary work in the care sector. The work in the temporary employment agency is often paid much lower since the mediating company also withholds part of the tariff for the employees for the business operations.

Therefore, the differences in earnings between public employers who are subject to the collective agreement and church or private institutions play a huge role in choosing a career. The nurse’s salary in the collective agreements is comparatively attractive.
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