How to pack a parcel?

How to pack a parcel?

Who has never had to send and pack a package, perhaps with valuable or delicate items, but not knowing how to pack it in the best and safe way? In this article, we read about How to pack a parcel?

You start from the assumption that, however banal and straightforward it may seem. There are engineering studies that develop methodologies and materials for every need behind the packaging. Every year there are real packaging fairs such as the IPACK-IMA, held in Milan from 29 May to 1 June.

Large companies even have specific departments and engineers who only deal with packaging and packaging, both for packing packages and materials and packaging products to be resold in large-scale distribution.

Let’s go back to our little package and its packaging. We all agree on one thing. The packaging must be light, resistant, and economical. In this article, you will find information and advice on adequately packing a package to ship the most common products.

How to pack a parcel, because it matters:

In your opinion, what happens if the bottle of wine you shipped is dropped from one meter in height?

The purpose of the packaging is to protect the contents of the shipment. The courier (BRT, TNT, GLS, to name a few) who will deliver your package will have the utmost care, but indeed not the delicacy we can hope for.

We must be the ones to prevent any damage by using the most appropriate packaging for the type of content.

How to pack a package, the outer packaging:

For the choice of the container or package for our shipment, the classic boxes are certainly the most common solution. But let’s not forget the yellow padded envelopes as an alternative for smaller items. They are very comfortable and straightforward to use.

Without going into technical and engineering details, you will have to consider the dimensions first in the case of cardboard boxes. The box must not be too large, thus risking that the goods inside it move too freely, nor must it be too small, betting that the package collapses due to too much pressure exerted by the interests inside.

Also, take into account the strength and thickness of the cardboard. You will find many alternatives. I advise you to always go to double wave boxes. If you look at cardboard in a profile, you will notice these waves of papers that distinguish the thickness. The single-wave boxes are not very robust, except for small formats. The double-wave is always a good use.

Also, in this case, I bring you a tip for DIY packaging without spending anything. You can also retrieve very sturdy boxes from any shop, especially from cooperators or supermarkets. They will have to dispose of them through the municipal services. You will find sturdy packaging but above all new and in perfect condition.

How to pack a parcel, the inner packaging:

Based on the type of contents of our parcel shipment, we must use the most suitable material. Here is a list of the four best internal packagings for value for money.

– Polystyrene chips: practical and straightforward material. These are pieces of polystyrene in the shape of a potato

– bubble wrap or Mille Bolle: among the most used. The classic plastic sheet with air bubbles

– Paper imballggio: sheets of paper from crumpled packaging

– chopped Cardboard: usually recovered from cardboard boxes in the past in specific machines that cut the material into pieces.

Peeled and Crumpled Newspaper

But what if we don’t have these materials available to pack a package? There are always DIY solutions. For example, you can use peeled and crumpled newspapers and magazines to fill in the blanks or cardboard strips to wrap the product.

An essential piece of advice is never to leave empty spaces. The content moving inside the package is more subject to shocks. Also, avoid placing the internal contents directly in contact with the outer box, but interpose other cardboard or packaging material. This will prevent a direct impact of the contents with objects or parts external to the package.

Once our packaging is finished, the success of the shipment also depends on the professionalism of the courier chosen, and not only on the quality of the package’s packaging level, which in any case plays an important role. This is why I recommend that you turn to professionals in parcel shipping. And if you do not feel like or are unable to pack your goods, you can also entrust this to professionals. For example, you can search for the nearest office and ask for assistance.

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