How to install a ceiling fan?

How to install a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are an economical way to keep an area comfortably cool while saving energy costs. In an area where the ceiling is made of concrete, the installation process can be a little more challenging. Drilling and anchoring in concrete is not something most weekend craftsmen do on a regular basis. While this task will likely require skills that you have not yet mastered, there is no reason why the task should not be successful. In this article, we read about How to install a ceiling fan?

How to install a ceiling fan on a concrete ceiling

Step 1

Make an inventory of the components that came with your fan. Most kits come with some type of bracket designed to mount the fan between two ceiling joists. These types of brackets are not used in this installation. You need to find the bracket that would normally screw into the electrical junction box in the ceiling. This will now be your main mount for your fan.

Step 2

Mark the location for the ceiling fan. Take careful measurements and make sure the fan is in the position you want. Use the mounting bracket as a guide. Hold the bracket on the ceiling and mark the location of each hole. Depending on the bracket, you can choose between two or four holes. If so, drill all four for extra holding power.

Step 3

Drill the holes with the masonry. Make sure you are using the correct bit for the screws you purchased. You should, when drilling, wear eye protection, and as you drill overhead, consider a dust mask in consideration in order to protect yourself from falling cement dust.

Step 4

Install the plastic hole liners for the masonry screws. These liners expand when you install the screws to ensure a very secure fit. Attach the bracket in the right places to make sure each screw is tight and secure.

Step 5

Wire the swag kit to the ceiling fan motor. Follow the instructions that came with the ceiling fan to make all cable connections. Make sure all cable connections are tight and no bare wires are visible. Route the swag wire through the motor housing of the fan, but don’t plug it in yet.

Step 6

Mount the fan on the bracket as shown in the instructions for the fan. Each fan kit will be slightly different so follow the instructions carefully. Route the swap wiring with the fan to a nearby wall and then to an electrical outlet. Plugin the cable and test the fan for proper function.

Things you need

  • Drill
  • Masonry drill
  • ladder
  • Eye protection
  • Swag wiring kit
  • Masonry screws


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