How to lose belly fat in 2 weeks?

How to lose belly fat in 2 weeks?

Do you have a date with your dream man in 2 weeks? Do you want to look absolutely stunning to him and show yourself from your absolute best side? If it weren’t for your little tummy that frustrates you and more than annoys you. You want to get rid of your annoying belly fat and finally have a flat stomach in 2 weeks. Then let’s tackle the “problem area belly”. I have provided step-by-step instructions for you here in this article. Look forward to effective abdominal exercises and nutrition tips to work off your belly fat – in just 2 weeks. In this article, we read about How to lose belly fat in 2 weeks?

Flat stomach in 2 weeks – your diet

Nothing beats a healthy and balanced vegan diet. If you really want to lose belly fat and overall you want to shape your body beautifully, then I advise you to stay away from sweets and fast food.

Otherwise, you will not get any results and that is very frustrating at some point. Then at some point, you let the training slip and you are back at your starting point. Of course, we don’t want that.

In order to have the greatest possible success, I advise you the following:

Drink plenty of water for a flat stomach in 2 weeks

Drink 1 liter of water for every 20 kg of body weight. Stay away from soft drinks and alcohol, because they contain a lot of sugar and make you fat. Image source: Pixabay

No soft drinks, no alcohol, because these contain a lot of sugar and only make you fat. Water stimulates the metabolism to lose belly fat in 2 weeks, is important for blood circulation, supports digestion, your skin becomes more beautiful and plump, you feel fitter and can even relieve headaches with it.

There is a  rule of thumb that says that for every 20kg of body weight, you should consume 1 liter of water.  That means: You weigh 60kg and you would have to drink 3 liters of water per day. Depending on the body type and activity level, it varies and can possibly be more.

A little tip:  drink cold water and optionally add some mint, lime, or lemon for a little taste! That is because it stimulates fat burning

Consume a lot of protein for a firm stomach in 14 days

Proteins, so protein is very important for your body, especially if you put your get muscles like and want to build because your muscles are made up mostly of protein. How much you should consume is different for women and men.

Consume lots of protein to maintain your muscle mass. Also important for building muscle. The recommended amount is 2-4g per kilogram of body weight. 

If you are in a calorie deficit as a woman, i.e. if you prefer to lose weight vegan, I recommend a  protein gain of 2-4g per kg of body weight. If you want to build muscle specifically, a little less.

Example: You weigh 50kg and want to consume 4g of protein, then that is 50kg x 4g / kg = 200g

This is how you get the amount of protein:  Example: 100g lentils and 100g tempeh per day – depending on how high your daily calorie intake is. These foods meet your daily protein requirement.


  • Women need 15-20% less protein than men.
  • Older people need more protein than younger people. Therefore, always orientate yourself on the upper limit.
  • If you are very overweight, calculate your daily protein requirement based on your lean mass.

Avoid foods that can bloat your stomach

Not only the excess belly fat, which goes over your pants pounds, is annoying, but also a bloated stomach. It doesn’t look pretty and makes you feel uncomfortable to lose belly fat in 2 weeks. In addition, these foods are difficult to digest and the air that you take in with bubbly drinks has to go out again at some point.

Avoid flatulent foods like cabbage and legumes. A bloated stomach not only looks unattractive, it also makes you feel unwell and have poor digestion. 

Foods that cause gas include white cabbage, red cabbage, lentils, and beans. But if you prepare legumes such as lentils and beans correctly and eat them regularly, you will not get a bloated stomach or they will have got used to this food and will no longer bloat to lose belly fat in 2 weeks. Also, raw vegetables can lead to bloating. Try to avoid raw foods in general if you don’t want a bloated stomach.

For better digestion, you can soak raw onions in lemon juice or briefly steam them in olive oil until translucent.

And try to eat slowly and not too hastily. Chew thoroughly and slowly. This way it works much better with digestion!

Eat fewer carbs for a slim stomach in 2 weeks

If you want to lose weight, eat fewer carbohydrates. Eat good carbohydrates like whole grains. You have to try how much of it you should eat because everyone reacts differently to it. 

First, you have to distinguish between the “good” and the “not good” carbohydrates. There are some carbohydrate products that will help you lose weight vegan and then there are some that delay and even stop the process.

How many carbohydrates from which sources you should eat cannot be said in general terms, because everyone reacts differently to carbohydrates. One can eat more of it and others get it on the hips immediately. In general, you should avoid carbohydrates in the evening and consume more protein. After every workout, you should also drink a protein shake so that your muscles can grow and your empty stores are refilled through the workout.

Don’t eat too little for a flat stomach

If you want to lose weight vegan, you have to eat! The myth: Starving yourself or eating very little so that you lose weight quickly is wrong and not good for your body. In this way you only promote the well-known yo-yo effect, you lose muscle mass or do not gain any muscle mass, which is very important for fat burning.

That is why I advise you to eat 3 meals a day + two to three smaller snacks in between, for example, an apple or a yogurt (low in fat).

Eat enough if you want to lose weight vegan because if you eat too little, the yo-yo effect occurs, so that in the end you have double the weight on your hips.

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