How to measure bra size?

How to measure bra size?

Calculating the bra size is more important than you think, especially when buying bras where it is essential to know how to differentiate between size and cup. In the following article, we get to know about How to measure bra size? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

It sounds paradoxical, but 80% of women do not know the correct size of their bra. And it is that it is not always so easy to choose the size of bra, especially if you have a lot of chests, because there are many stores where you will not find enough sizes to try on. However, we will teach you the correct way to calculate your size and bra cups, essential. 

We gave some tricks and home remedies to raise the breasts with a balanced diet and a little exercise. Now we will explain how to calculate your bra size to choose well the next time you want to buy one.

How to calculate the correct bra size?

First of all, the bra size has two parts: the number, which indicates the band size and represents the measurements of the underbust to measure bra size, and the letter, which means the size of the bra cups and corresponds to the height of the chest in your more developed part.

You need to know that it is not a very reliable method with large sizes, since it is most likely that you will not get the measurements right, so in that case, you should always try it on first before buying it.

First of all, stand in front of a mirror with an unpadded bra and a posture that is as relaxed and upright as possible. The first measure you should take is that of the contour under the chest, just below the breasts. To take this measurement, it is not necessary to tighten the meter. Otherwise, the bra will also compress you. It is called the band size, and it will be the size of the bra band, which you will get in centimetres.

To measure the size of the bra cup, you must measure yourself, in this case, in the most developed part, that is, at the height of the nipples. Keep the tape measure horizontally and loosely around your bust to measure bra size. According to the numbers in centimetres that you obtain due to the two measurements, you will have to look at a size chart to see which is yours to measure bra size.

Different Shapes

Keep in mind that breasts have very different shapes from one woman to another. Even the same woman can change size several times throughout her life since her body also changes. There are more voluminous, sagging breasts that are born closer to or further away from the armpits to measure bra size. They can have more density in one area than in another … For this reason, it isn’t easy to know the bra cups only with this measurement, and it will be necessary that you try first in any case to measure bra size.

An effective way to know if you have purchased the correct bra size is to insert two fingers between the bra band and your body. Be careful not to choose it with a band that is too wide, and do not worry if the first time you use it, it tightens you a bit. It is expected, it will stretch over time, but it should not tighten you more than necessary. If it leaves very pronounced marks or is difficult for you to breathe, they indicate that you have not chosen your size well.

The importance of wearing the right bra size

The bra band is the part that offers the most support, so give it the attention it deserves and see that it is parallel to the cups. Also, check that you can fit two fingers when closing it, as we have said before, and that the band is not too deep in the back or too loose. You will know if it has the correct fit because the straps will also be perfect.

On the other hand, the breasts must fill the bra cups perfectly without leaving gaps or overflowing with them. If the earrings, if worn, do not fit your body, it is probably because the cups are too small.

Calculating the bra size is important to accentuate the shape of your breasts and offer the necessary support. It will also avoid back, neck and head pain due to the incorrect choice of the size of this garment. This happens because if you do not support your chest well, you could be putting weight on your neck and back, especially if your breasts are voluminous. There are also cases of women who even have back problems due to poor posture caused by wearing the wrong bra size for many years. 

One more tip to keep in mind is that you check the size and size of the bra cups in a specific measurement table and buy them in places with qualified and experienced sellers. In this way, they will take your measurements well and advise you on which is the most appropriate bra size for you. And of course, try on various models to see which model, shape and fit go best with your body.

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