How many calories are in a cup of tea?

How many calories are in a cup of tea?

Tea plays a vital role in our life. About 80% of people drink tea. In our daily life, whenever we work and when we get tired, we drink tea for relaxation and to get the energy to resume our work. How many calories are in a cup of tea? Tea is a fragrant beverage, and most people are addicted to it. After having tea, we feel relaxed, fresh, relieved, and active. There are different types of tea, e.g., green tea, ginger tea, black tea, lemon tea, etc. Each tea has its taste and benefits.

Types of tea

There are different types of tea. People enjoy tea of their taste by adding ingredients that suit their taste like honey, milk, sugar, herbs, etc. adding each ingredient to tea affects the caloric power of tea, which can boost your energy and affect your weight.

Calories in a cup of tea

The following table below describes the number of calories in a cup of tea.


Type of tea Calories (per cup)
Green tea  Two calories
Redberry tea Two calories
Camomile tea Two calories
Ginger tea Two calories
Redbush tea  Two calories
Black tea  Two calories
Lemongrass tea Two calories


People take tea by adding the additional ingredients of their choice, but milk is their topmost. Adding milk to tea may increase the calories in it and if you are on a diet and want to know how many calories are present in a cup of tea, be aware. In addition, a perfect amount of ingredients will make a perfect cup of tea. The following table shows the calories in a cup of tea if milk and other ingredients are added.

Milk  Amount  Calories 
Low-fat milk  ¼ per cup 32 calories 
Whole milk  ¼ per cup 40 calories
Non-fat milk ¼ per cup 25 calories
Condensed milk  Two tablespoon  130 calories
Evaporated milk Two spoon 140 calories
Goats milk  ¼ per cup 25 calories
Sugar  One teaspoon  15 calories 
Honey  One teaspoon  40 calories


How to Reduce Tea’s Calories?

If you want to reduce calories in your favourite tea, follow the instruction given below 

  • Avoid sugary ingredients like honey, sugar, condensed milk, and syrups. If you are craving sweets, you should use a sugar substitute.
  • You should not use whole cream milk or heavy cream instead. You should use low fat or skim milk to get low calories.
  • It would help if you used milk substitutes like almond milk and soy milk because it contains fewer calories than coconut milk and whole milk.
  • Ready-to-drink teas or bottled tea contain high calories due to their more sugar content. You should use ready-to-drink tea, which is free from any sugar content.

Bottom line

The addition of sugar and dairy products may raise the number of calories in tea. The type of milk also affects the caloric power of tea.

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