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What is porridge?

Porridge is a traditional breakfast dish made by cooking oats in water or milk and adding flavors like honey and sugar for sweet porridge. For salty porridge, you can add vegetables, meat, salt, and spices. Oats and porridge include fibre which is very good for digestion. If you have digestion issues, then you can take porridge every morning that may improve your digestion. Moreover, it can maintain the glucose level in the blood and lower blood pressure. Protein from porridge helps to improve the immune system and helps the aching muscles to repair themselves. 

Health benefits of porridge

Porridge helps to reduce heart disease and the risk of diabetes. It reduces inflammation and increases the number of good bacteria in our bodies. Porridge contains iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin lowers cancer and cardiovascular problems.

Different types of porridge


Congee is a Chinese porridged, and it is popular in many Asian countries. It is made by boiling the rice until it is totally broken and mixed well in hot boiling water. It is fed to babies and the sick. If it is made with other ingredients like fish and meat, it is eaten as a side dish in china.


This type of porridged thin and mixed with oats, wheat, rice, and cereal. It cooks in boiling water or milk.

Hasty pudding

Cooks in milk or water. It made with corn or wheat flour. We cook in milk or boiling water until it texture becomes thick and consistent. It also made more delicious by the topping of ice cream and whipped cream.


It made with boiled and cracked wheat. It eats with milk, eggs, and a stock of meat. Almonds, saffron, sugar, and the orange flavor use to make sweet frumenty.


It type of porridge made of ground oats, crushed oats, and whole oats. It cooked in water or milk until it reaches a thick consistency. Brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, and different nuts use to top oatmeal.


It made in Korea. Juk made of grains like rice, beans, sesame, and azuki beans. It eaten as breakfast.


Polenta a porridged made of boiled cornmeal. It is an excellent source of protein and fibre. It includes essential minerals and vitamins. 


It ground corn porridge made in America, and it is a prevalent dish in the USA. It eaten as a breakfast dish, and it very similar to polenta.


Chinese porridged made of sorghum flour, broomcorn millet, proso millet flour, and glutinous millet flour.

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