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How to make almond milk?

While reading the title of this article, you might wonder why it is necessary to make everything at home when it is available commercially? My answer to this question is that homemade is a much better and healthier option than preservatives. This becomes unhealthy, too, once it expires. In the following article, we get to know about How to make almond milk? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Now, what if you are craving the yummy, healthy, and nutritious almond milk when all the stores are closed, and you have no other option left than to make it yourself at home.

No need to worry. This article is only for you. So that you can make the almond milk for yourself at home and enjoy the craving, the homemade lets you infuse your flavor and the sweetness as per your taste. So, why not try this lovely recipe to have almond milk as a refreshing and healthy drink?

How to make almond milk?

What you need to do is soak almonds overnight in cold water. Once it is adequately soaked, make a paste of it in a blender adding water, almonds, salt, and other ingredients to add up as a flavor. You can add berries, dates, honey, etc., for sweetness and enhancing flavors.

This almond milk can last up to four to five days, depending on a few factors. The factors may include the freshness of the ingredients used in making almond oil, the fridge’s temperature, and the jars you have stored. Either they are sterilized or not. If each of the factors mentioned above suits the condition, it will easily last up to five days.

Moving on to the recipe, you will need a cup of almonds (the raw almonds) soaked up overnight in cool water or for half an hour in hot water. Add these raw, soaked almonds in five to six cups of water. The amount of milk you add can be increased or decreased depending on the consistency of the milk you want. Now, add a pinch of salt, any sweetener (dates, honey, or sugar). If you are adding dates, add two of them. You can add two tablespoons of cocoa powder to it, making it chocolate milk.


All the ingredients should be put into a blender, and you should blend it for at least two minutes to make creamy and smooth textured milk. Now, this step is a bit tricky. But yes, you have to do it in any case.

Use a muslin cloth to strain this almond milk in a container. Add the mixture on a muslin cloth lying on a container, and squeeze. Squeeze the fabric until the single drop of the milk is squeezed out, and the pulp remains on the material. The pulp can be discarded or used in other recipes as per your choice.

Now, easily keep this milk in a container or air-tight sterilized jar for four to five days. Enjoy the smooth, yummy, and flavorful almond milk in your recipes.

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