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Low body temperature?

Low body temperatures happen when the heat of the body is less than body temperatures. This usually occurs when the weather is changing or due to cold water. This condition is termed hypothermia. In the following article, we get to know about Low body temperature? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

What is hypothermia (low body temperature)?

Hypothermia is a condition that occurs when the temperature of one’s body falls below 95 F. Now considered normal body temperature is 96 F, but a long time ago, doctors said that 98 is a normal body temperature.  Normally the body temperature is 98 F if the body temperature falls from it. Such a condition is called hypothermia. Hypothermia is a critical medical condition that can be hazardous for your brain if not treated on time.

Following are the common causes of low body temperatures

  1. In cold weather, inappropriate clothing does not keep the body warm that can cause low body temperature.
  2. Staying longer in water in cold weather.
  3. Staying out for a long time in cold weather.

Some symptoms of low body temperatures:

  •  Trembling
  •  Changed skin color ( red or blue patches on the skin)
  •  Pulse light
  •  Feeling more sleepy than usual 
  • Weakness
  • Feeling cold
  • Feeling sick or lethargic
  • Cold hand and feet

Some Common Factors that can increase the risk of low body temperatures

1. Fatigue:

Usually, everyone can tolerate cold weather, but if you feel sick or weak, it becomes difficult to bear it. So, fatigue also makes the cold unbearable for you.

2. Unhealthy diet:

Your body becomes weak and vulnerable when you do not take the right diet. Your body will not be able to bear the cold.

3. Old age and low body temperatures:

As your body grows old, your body becomes less able to bear the cold. Because in old age, your metabolism, energy, and immunity turn extremely down.

How to deal with low body temperature?

If you experience hypothermia, approach medical help as soon as possible. Some precautions that you can do by yourself are as follows:

  1. First, move from cold to a hot environments.
  2. Wear warm clothes. Wrap yourself with a blanket.
  3. Never try to get a massage in such a condition.
  4. Avoid direct heat, such as do not take a hot bath or steam. Instead, move into the hot environment. 
  5. Wear warm clothes.
  6. Eat something that gives your body instantly a warm effect, such as drinking hot milk.

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