Ways To Motivate Your Remote Team at Your Next Grooming Session

Remote Team

Now that everyone is familiar with their Zoom background requirements, it’s time to make the most of video conferencing. Working remotely can interfere with team bonding, so it’s essential to create opportunities for teammates to learn about each other. If you put in the effort, you’ll see increased motivation.

Immersive Team Building Activities

Ice breakers are common when a new member enters the team, but it’s important to encourage camaraderie regularly. Taking a moment for everyone to participate in a fun activity builds bonds between team members and helps everyone feel refreshed.

Play Online Games

Online games are an easy way for people to relax and socialize even when they’re miles apart. There are thousands of games available, but to achieve the desired effect, you need to consider a few things:

  • Whether the game is work-appropriate
  • If team members can interact with each other
  • If the game is free to play
  • If the game has software requirements

Have Lunch Together

Since coworkers are in their own homes, they don’t have opportunities to socialize at lunch or during breaks. To recreate the experience, you can host a video conference during the lunch hour. That way, team members can enjoy their food while chatting.

Constructive Feedback Sessions

Part of being a good supervisor is providing feedback to your team. Of course, how they accept that information depends on your delivery. For best results, follow these steps when giving critiques.

Talk Face-to-Face

While providing a written form of your feedback is excellent for recordkeeping, it shouldn’t be the only way you communicate with your team. In fact, you should deliver all critiques face-to-face via a private call enhanced by Zoom Virtual Office. That way, your team members can pick up on all the nonverbal cues that make up the majority of communication.

Don’t Forget Positive Feedback

Acknowledging what people do well is just as important as highlighting what needs improvement. When giving criticism, make sure you bookend it with praise. That way, your team doesn’t feel like you only care about things that go wrong.

Clear Purpose

When people feel like cogs in a wheel, they lose motivation. What’s the point of putting in the effort if they’re not going anywhere? You can help team members regain their motivation by providing a sense of purpose.

Decide Desired Impact

What does your team want to be known for? Bring up this question and let everyone think it over for a few days. At your next meeting, have everyone work together to create a purpose statement.

Define Your Team’s Role

What does your team contribute to the company? Ask your team this question and hold an open forum for people to discuss the answer. Even if your team’s role is small compared to the company’s size, it’s essential for operations to run smoothly. When employees understand how crucial their jobs are, they feel a greater sense of purpose.

Creating cohesion isn’t as simple as synchronizing your virtual background Teams. It takes expert leadership and effort from all members. However, the effects can help employees enjoy their work and boost productivity, making the endeavor more than worthy.


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