How to stop spam texts?

How to stop spam texts

We all know that getting spam messages and texts is so annoying that they can create stress in your mind. Spam messages or texts originate from computers as they are very low cost. These spam messages are sent online, so they are sent in huge quantities. You can refer to them as robotexts. It gets worse and irritating when you see your phone notifying you of a message, and it is spam. It is important to note that the reason for sending these spam texts is to obtain the receiver’s personal information by unfair and fraudulent means. In the following article, we get to know about How to stop spam texts? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Different types of spam texts:

Different types of texts are spam, and people usually receive them out of the box for no reason. Let us have a look:

  • Congratulations, you have received a gift voucher
  • Your CNIC is getting expired. Please visit the following link to renew it
  • You have received a prize in an income support program. Claim it now
  • You are notified of the theft of your credit card. Click on this link to make sure it is safe.

What measures are to be taken if you get one?

You have to understand that the spammers send messages to get a response. So the first precautionary measure is never to reply to such messages. If you reply by any chance, you will get more messages that will be very annoying for you. As we have said earlier, there might be links present in the message. Try not to click on any of the links because it might be a way to send viruses to your phone to get all your personal information from it.

It is also advised not to get engaged in any conversation with the sender because you might get exploited to get any important information.

How to stop messages?

Apart from taking precautionary measures, you will have to do something to stop these messages from bothering you again and again. You can do these below-stated measures to stop these texts:

  • The first step would be to block the number. Simple! Both android and iPhone have the option of blocking away the sender’s number so that you may not get bothered again and again
  • The other way is to filter the numbers through which you receive the spam messages.

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