How to plant garlic

How to plant garlic

Garlic is easy to grow and can be grown in mild climates, which means in early summers. The fantastic thing is that you can grow garlic in your kitchen garden or a bucket. It must be ready in late if you want to plant garlic, follow the steps given below

Step 1

Choose what kind of garlic you have to grow. There are two types of garlic

  • Hardneck garlic 

This type of garlic produces a stiff stem that grows up from the bulb. It has a sharpened flavour compared to the soft neck garlic. They are more demanding than soft neck garlic. They are suitable to grow in the winter season.

  • Softneck garlic

This type of garlic is widely and commonly used. It does not produce a stiff stem. It has a mild flavour. And if you want to grow garlic braids, you must grow soft neck garlic.

Step 2

You have to prepare the planting place. If you want to grow garlic in the garden, choose where sunlight directly comes from the plant. Then dig the place about 5 inches deep and mix some fertilisers with helping grow the plant healthy. If you want to plant garlic in a pot, then fill the pot with rich and fertile soil.

Step 3 

Now you have to plant garlic cloves. Take the garlic and split it into cloves. Take a clove and plant it in the soil about 3 inches deep, making sure that the rough side is facing upward and the root surface is facing downward. Otherwise, the garlic will grow in the opposite direction. Cover the garlic clove with soil and gently pat on it.

Step 4

You have to take care of your garlic plant. It is essential to water it during the dry season. If any weed appears, then carefully remove it. In March and in the mid of May, use general-purpose fertilisers.

Step 5 

In July or August, the head of garlic starts turning yellow and begins to fall. It means that it’s time to harvest the garlic. Carefully pull off the garlic plant with the help of a shovel without breaking the garlic plant.

Step 6 

To prevent them from rotting, Store garlic in a dry and cool place in your home. you can also make garlic braid or plait so that you can hang them in your pantry or the kitchen

Bottom line 

Harvest the garlic when the lower leaves get brown, and five to six green leaves remain. Ground the garlic plant in the winter season and harvest them in the following summer season.

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