How to activate Airtel sim?

How to activate airtel sim

Airtel is one of the most stunning and popular telecommunication networks. It is well known for its impressive and quality services. One can easily enjoy making calls and sending messages through it. How to activate airtel sim The internet quality that it offers is quite splendid. Airtel sim is worthy of buying, and hence it has become the choice of the majority of people. It offers plenty of mobile services such as 4G+, 4G LTE, 3G, and GSM. 

Ways to Activate Airtel Sim

When you become successful in activating the sim, then you will get the symbol of signals at the top of your smartphone. These signal bars are the indication that you have the Airtel signals in your phone, and now you are ready to go with the benefits of Airtel sim. When the signal bars are blank or not visible on the phone, then you cannot make a call or send any message through the sim. 

Method 1 – Activation of  4G Sim

When you bought the new sim of Airtel, then you can activate it through this easy method. For the activation of the Airtel 4G sim, send a message to 121 after typing “SIM SPACE NEW_SIM_NUMBER.” Now, wait for the reply. The reply would be “Reply 1 to confirm”. So, type 1 in the same message thread and send. Now, wait for about 5 minutes to activate the new Airtel sim.

Method 2 – Activation of Prepaid Sim

When you buy the Airtel sim, then you need to activate it first. One cannot enjoy the services of any sim without activation of it. It is important to know the right way to activate the sim to relish its features and services. Complete the KYC process for your new sim and then wait for a duration of about thirty to sixty minutes. 

After this duration, you will revive the signals in your mobile phone, which will allow you to verify your number. Now dial 59059 for the verification of your number. After doing so, tap the phone button, and it will lead to an auto-recorded call which will guide for certain steps to follow.

Method 3 – Activation of Postpaid Airtel Sim

It is a two-step verification process. The process for postpaid sim activation varied from the prepaid sim activation. These steps include:

Tele Verification

Take the phone and dial 59059 for the tele-verification. It will let you relish the Airtel signals on your phone and allow the tele verification quite easily.

Address Verification

You have to submit the documents regarding your address or location. The address of the postpaid Airtel sim owner would be visited by the Airtel operator to verify the address.

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How to Verify or Cross-Check Sim Activation?

If you want to know either the sim is activated or not, then you can do so with ease. The user has to make the call at the Airtel customer care number to determine either his Airtel number is activated or not. The number for Airtel customer care is 121. They will let you know the details about it, and if there is some issue, then they will guide you too. Get the confirmation from the customer care number and start using the sim freely.


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