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How long does the flu shot last?

How long does the flu shot last: The flu is a respiratory disease that affects the nose, lungs, and throat. People take it lightly, but sometimes it costs a person’s life by causing severe lung and other respiratory infections. It is more dangerous for people who have weak immune systems or people aged 65 or above. In the following article, we get to know about How long does the flu shot last? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Who can be at higher risk of flu

Some people are at higher risk of getting flu, and their lives are in danger, especially in winter and fall when the virus is in full power and ready to take people’s lives. Here is a list of diseases, and people suffering from these diseases easily fall prey to such contagious illnesses.

People suffering from lung diseases

Asthma patient

Sinusitis patient

Cancer patient


Obese people 

People with HIV or AIDS

People with liver diseases

Weak immune system

Flu season

Flu season usually starts at the end of September or at the start of October, but December to February are its peak months. 

The best month for vaccination

The most appropriate time for getting a vaccine is the month of October. A person with a high risk of influenza virus must get his shot in October. Otherwise, it will lead to many complications. But if a person fails to get his jab for any reason, he can get the vaccine until January since virus season peaks till February. And then gradually lessens by April.

Wait for 2 weeks after your jab. 

Antibodies take two weeks to start their action or fight with influenza virus, so it is not possible that you are free from the risk of virus attack the day you get your shot. So avoid contact with the people and save your life.

Strain matching

Every year influenza vaccine works differently for people. Suppose if a person got a vaccine last year and the virus didn’t attack him, but this year he got infected because vaccine strain matching is necessary with the virus strain; otherwise, it will not work effectively, so there are high chances that this time matching didn’t happen and this vaccine couldn’t stop virus attacking that person. 

The vaccine only works against influenza.

People often consider the influenza vaccine effective against all other diseases, but it isn’t. It only works for flu but not cold and respiratory infections. So if you are suffering from a cold and some other diseases related to your respiratory system, then it doesn’t mean that the influenza vaccine didn’t work for you because it is only meant to protect you from flu.

Antibodies do not last forever.

The majority of people think that once they get a vaccine, they will be safe from the flu virus until the end of their lives, but this is a misconception. Antibodies remain effective for 6 months only or even less than 6 months. 


When the flu vaccine is injected into your body, your immune system produces antibodies that fight against the influenza virus. Then if the virus enters your body, your immune system is fully prepared to defeat it.

Antibodies start declining after 6 months, so if you remain prey to the flu virus during the whole year, it is better to get yourself vaccinated twice a year. Vaccine minimizes your chances of getting the flu. Avoid leaving your house unnecessarily, especially in peak months, get yourself vaccinated before the virus attacks you and stay safe and protect your family from this deadly disease.

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