Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

Difference between national park and wildlife sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

wildlife sanctuary vs. national park found as a primary natural heritage all around the globe. Nonstop industrialization and deforestation have posed a risk of extinction to wildlife. Therefore, for the maintenance and preservation of the natural heritage of the country’s wildlife sanctuaries, national parks are set aside. Wildlife sanctuaries represent an area that is responsible for the protection and favorable living conditions for wild animals. In addition, national parks also protect the entire ecosystem of that region. Lastly, biosphere reserves and sheltered areas tend to preserve the genetic diversity of the plants, animal’s birds, etc.

Difference between a wildlife sanctuary and national parks

Some of the significant points to differentiate wildlife sanctuary from national parks are as follows: 


Wildlife Sanctuary represents a natural habitat system usually owned by the government or private agency that takes care of particular species of birds and animals. On the other hand, a National park is a protected area, mainly established by the government to preserve wildlife and develop them. Wildlife Sanctuary Preserves different kinds of animals, birds, insects, reptiles, etc., and national parks preserve Flora fauna, landscape, historic objects, etc.

Objectives of Wildlife Sanctuary and national park 

The main objective of Wildlife Sanctuary is to make sure that all the viable population of the wildlife and their habitats are adequately maintained. National parks work to give protection to all the natural and historic objects and wildlife of an area.


  • There are fewer restrictions in all the wildlife sanctuaries, and they are usually open to the public. Still, almost all the national parks consider Highly restricted areas. And random access to the common public not allowed. A wildlife sanctuary has no fixed boundaries. And there is no need to get any official permission to get into these areas. Still, the boundaries of national parks will permanent fix and if someone wants to visit, they will need official permission from the authorities. 
  • Human activity Allow in wildlife sanctuaries but only up to a certain extent, but no human activity allow in national parks. 

Wildlife sanctuary’s Natural surroundings 

Wildlife Sanctuary provides habitat. And safe living conditions to the wild animals. Particularly to the endangered and rare ones. So that they can breathe serenely for their entire life and uphold their viable population. Hence, there is a need for proper sanctuary management. And rangers or guards appoint to patrol the region. They guarantee the security of animals from stealing, predating, or harassing.

National park’s Natural surroundings

National Park indicates an area that the government entirely designates to preserve wildlife and biodiversity due to its national and historical significance. It is home to countless animals, birds, insects, microorganisms, etc., and provides a healthy and safe environment for them. The plantation, farming, cropping, hunting, and predating of animals, the devastation of flowers is highly prohibited in these areas. IUCN has acknowledged that National Parks come in Category II of the protected areas.

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